Control Dust With Various Surface Protectives


You may be interested in remodeling your house or enhancing the foundation of your building. This is essential to carry out a better living. However it’s very difficult to remove the dust that settles at the time of construction. It becomes absolutely impossible to live with the dust scattered all through your home. Hence dust is a serious problem at the time of constructing or remodeling your house. After the construction work is over, you have to clean up your home thoroughly by removing dust.

Protective Measures of Dust Control

You should seriously take this matter into consideration if you have the plan to continue living in your own house. The best way to deal with this problem is by taking some precautions. You can take protective measures for removing dust with the help of plastic tape. However putting this barrier around your home is not the job of a single man. If you want to do it alone, it will take a lot of time. Nevertheless you can simplify this task by choosing professionals who can clean your house effectively. They have expertise and so can offer the best solution for your inner surface at home.

Zip wall Protectives

In order to control the dust in your home, you can make use of zip wall dust control system. It has become a standard dust control system by builders as well as contractors. This system can be easily installed at the jobsite for blocking dust. The Zipwall dust control system includes various apparatus like telescoping poles, plastic absorbent heads, skid discs, locks and zippers. The zippers are the most effective tool for controlling dust.

The zip wall system keeps the seal tight. It acts as a barrier for controlling dust against walls, doors and ceiling while your construction work is going on. Moreover it extracts dust by placing the hose of operating vacuum under the plastic. Therefore if you use the system, you can’t allow the dust to move to any other space of your house.

Carpet Wrap Protection

This surface protective can be easily applied to any surface. You can use carpet wrap protection along with stair wrap protection. The back of the carpet protective has low tack adhesive for keeping it in the right place without using tape. Moreover there will be no messy residue left behind your surface once the protective is removed. If you want you can roll it up with the dust on top. Thus it helps to protect your carpet in an easy way and saves your cleaning time.

Boot covers

You can also consider boot covers for protecting the surface of your home. These covers slide into your shoes and have non-slipping soles. They protect your floor and don’t allow any dust to go around your house. Whether it is mud or bacteria, you can stay away from dirt or germs with these boot covers.

Your children can play in a safe environment without the fear of bacteria. Thus, these shoe covers let you keep your home disinfected and clean. Learn more about how boot covers can help you easily maintain a sterile and clean living space at

Adhesive mat

This is an amazing product for controlling the dust of your house while construction work is going on. You can lay this mat around the perimeter of your working area for catching dust. The mat is created with peel away plastic sheet that collects dirt. When the plastic sheet of this mat is covered with dirt, you can peel it away for exposing clean adhesive sheet. Pet owners also make use of this mat for collecting pet hair and controlling hair shedding on floor. You can buy these mats from pet store, surface protection store as well as from contractor retail store. In order to get best result for controlling dust, you can use this adhesive mat with boot covers.

Crux of the matter

Choose the best surface protective from one of the best online stores and keep dust away from your home. Instead of selecting one particular surface protection, you can try a combination of various surface protectives. It is simply because the combination sometimes gives better result for your home rather than depending on a single protective. Look for the best combination of surface protectives and protect your home in a unique way.

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