Choosing A Business Training Program for Your Company Leaders


The benefits of Lean Six Sigma training are fairly well-known among many larger organizations. From better use of resources to higher employee satisfaction, many companies are using this approach to leadership as a way to improve their company from the inside out. The Advanced Lean Principles and Tools certifications available online today are impressive and have opened a door to businesses that are looking for their next leader and agent of change. This has made it easier for companies to provide the opportunity for certain members of their team to advance.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program or other similar business course for your company’s leaders.

1. Positive change

The number one job in this role is to change an organization. To do this, it is inevitable that some employees may be upset and resistant to change. It is the job of this person to reverse this resistance and instead transform the attitude of the organization during the change into a positive one that people can get excited about.

2. Strong communication

The person leading your change efforts must be someone who is able to communicate with anyone in the organization from the people who work in the warehouse to high level executives. This person will be working with and mentoring people in all aspects of the organization and must be able to communicate effectively with each of them.

3. Customer advocating

Internal communications are only just the beginning. The person you select to take on this role will be the one who stands up for customers and creates a culture that surrounds making customers happy. This culture comes from the top down and must start with the person who is training employees.

4. High level project management understanding

The person in this role is ultimately a project manager. They manage the scope of the work, from the resources it requires to the timeline needed to complete each task laid out in the guidelines. Therefore, their project management skills must be superior in order for the project to happen without a hitch.

5. Smart business sense

These leaders are people who must be able to connect desired business results with the business know how of how to achieve these results. This understanding must permeate the organization and provide insight into the role each department plays as changes take place.

6. Results oriented

Above all, the person in this role must have a desire to achieve results. Past performance must show their drive to deliver above average work on time, every time.

Online programs, such as The College Network, for example, will allow them to become certified and advance their skills all from the comfort of home or behind their desk at their office.

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