A Closer Look at Drug Detox


Drug addiction is a commonly met issue nowadays, and it affects millions of people worldwide. There are many dangers associated with drug addiction and, if left untreated, this can even lead to death. Fortunately, there are numerous drug rehabilitation centers that provide professional treatment for patients who abuse drugs – these programs aim to purge their bodies of all the toxins and prevent cravings once the treatment is complete. In this article you will find detailed information with regards to drug detox programs and how they work.

 What Are Drug Detox Centers?

In order to understand what these centers are, you must firstly know what drug addiction is. The term of “Drug Addiction” refers to the continuous use of street drugs (LSD, cocaine, heroin and such), or prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse usually occurs when medication is misused. Basically, a drug detox clinic is a program which specializes in treatments, programs and methods of addressing drug addiction. These particular centers not only aim to help those who suffer from addiction to resist the cravings, but they also aim to help patients prevent addiction in the long haul – after all, it is better to prevent than to treat!

In what regards treatment options, it must be mentioned that drug rehab centers can use medical or psycho therapeutic techniques. The treatments vary based on the severity of the addiction and sometimes, these clinics can combine psycho therapeutic treatments with medical treatments, for the best results. The length of the treatment also varies from one person to another: while some clinics provide a 14-day treatment, others may rely on a longer treatment that can even involve hospitalization.

In addition to treatment, a drug detox center also provides long-term support for patients, and this also asks for regular check-ups to determine whether the patient is completely clean and there are no traces of drugs in their system. To discover more about what long-term therapy involves visit this website: https://newsupdatesnow.com/


As stated above, the treatment varies based on certain factors such as the severity or length of the addiction. The treatment involves two parts: the short-term treatment, which can consist of a combination of medical and psycho therapeutic techniques, and the long-term treatment, which has a prevention role.

The short-term treatment may include the use of various medication (such as Xanax) in order to limit the withdrawal symptoms, which usually occur within 24-48 hours after the patient has stopped using drugs. Antidepressants may also be prescribed in the long haul to prevent addiction in the future.

On the other hand, the long-term treatment is far more complex. The patient will have to go to various support groups, care centers or recovery houses over a period of several months or years. This treatment plays a vital role in what regards curing the addiction for good – the patient will become familiar with other people’s stories and experiences, and sharing thoughts and opinion regarding drug use and its devastating side effects can be very helpful in this situation.

Moreover, it must be mentioned that most detox centers include on-site medical care. Generally, this type of medical care is provided for the first 24 hours after hospitalization, when the risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms is very high. A staff of professional nurses and physicians will closely watch the patient throughout the first day, and they will use antidepressants or relaxants, if needed.

Why Are Detox Centers Important?

Drug detox centers play a pivotal role in what regards treating drug addiction, as quitting on your own can be extremely difficult. Most addicts find it difficult to quit using drugs due to the strong effect drugs have on the body – the cravings are almost impossible to resist. These centers are designed to help patients overcome their addiction in a fast, safe and effective way, without endangering their health.

These detox centers are very efficient, given the fact that they involve long-term treatment. Despite the fact that drug recovery can occur within a couple of weeks, it can take up to 6 months to completely recover from drug abuse. For this reason, most detox centers provide continuous care.

To sum up, this is what drug detox centers involve. Patients can fight their addiction with the help of well-trained professionals who are there to provide the support they need. Drugs can interfere with one’s life in the long run, and patients must know that they are not alone in the battle with substance abuse.

Wanida Vanjicharangkon is from Thailand; she likes writing about health related issues.

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