What’s Unique About Medik8?

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In an industry saturated by beauty and skincare brands all promising one thing, Medik8 manages to stand out by merging innovation and research. Developed from their own UK superlab, Medik8 products push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of delivering never-before-seen skincare technologies. Discover more about what makes the brand unique and what’s it doing to provide beautiful skincare and real results.

What's Unique About Medik8? - My Hair Care & Beauty

The Story of Medik8

Medik8 is born out of its promise to deliver better skin health.

Medik8 is emerging as one of the leaders in the cosmeceutical industry as it relies on active ingredients in its formulations. To ensure that these active ingredients are not only safe but effective, it undergoes a rigorous testing process. These processes must be strictly implemented before the products are used on anyone’s skin to ensure the best results.

It starts with extensive research. Every ingredient is backed with research and data along with clinical testing. At the same time, the brand makes sure that it complies with ethical and eco-friendly values when conducting these tests. With that said, they do not perform tests on animals. There are two ways these tests are done: in-vitro tests or through a human ‘consumer feedback’ volunteer method.

What's Unique About Medik8? - My Hair Care & Beauty

Following the initial tests, there will be numerous other processes that each product goes through before it can be deemed safe for release in the market. The reformulation is conducted as needed, or based on the findings of the initial test. The product then goes through 3 months of stability testing. If needed, additional external testing is done on the products to ensure their compliance with safety and effectiveness.

All of these steps are done in an effort to make beautiful skin a reality.

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Unique Technologies of Medik8

What's Unique About Medik8? - My Hair Care & Beauty

As the pioneer in cutting-edge skincare technology, Medik8 employs a number of unique technologies to help achieve its effective formulation. Below are just some of these technologies so you can see how hard the team behind Medik8 is working in bringing you only the best products for your skin.

  • Enhanced Stability – Medik8 ensures the stability of all active ingredients used on their products. They have conducted a lot of research to improve stability of skincare ingredients so they neither lose their effectiveness nor cause irritation on the skin.
  • Small Batch Production – Due to the intricacy of the formulas on Medik8 products, they are produced in small batches to ensure that every bottle is given the care and attention it deserves.
What's Unique About Medik8? - My Hair Care & Beauty
  • Nitrogen Blanketing – This technology is used on the bottles to ensure that the active ingredients do not come into contact with oxygen prior to opening. This proces helps to increase the stability of the products on the shelf.
  • Time Release Technology – This is a unique technology designed to slowly release active ingredients in skincare formulas so it does not overwhelm the skin during use and result in irritation. It also greatly enhances the stabiliy of the skincare product.

Have you tried using Medik8 skincare products? If yes, which product is your favourite? You can learn more about the brand here.

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