Top 5 Jojoba picks for Winter Hydration

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Top 5 Jojoba picks for Winter Hydration - My Hair Care & Beauty

It’s no secret that winter can be dreadful months for your hair. But it can bring about a host of other skincare concerns, too. From flaky, dry, and irritated skin, you need to double on your efforts for winter hydration if you want to keep skin looking supple and smooth. Thankfully, The Jojoba Company offers a ton of products that you can incorporate into your skincare routine for healthy-looking and well-hydrated skin.

Skincare Essentials for Winter Hydration

When it comes to your skincare routine, hydration is important no matter what your skin type or concern may be. You need proper hydration to keep your skin looking smooth and supple. The cool winter air can cause your skin to become prone to looking dull and dry. It strips away the skin’s natural moisture on a surface level.

Top 5 Jojoba picks for Winter Hydration - My Hair Care & Beauty

How do you overcome these skin issues? It’s possible with products designed for winter hydration. Locking in that layer of moisture on your skin will revitalise it so you can maintain that healthy glow for longer.

Here are the best products from The Jojoba Company designed to infuse your skin with winter hydration.

Activating Cleansing Oil

Top 5 Jojoba picks for Winter Hydration - My Hair Care & Beauty

A luxurious Australian jojoba cleansing oil for the face and eyes. It effectively yet gently melts away makeup, excess sebum, and dirt to leave the skin clean, nourished, supple, and soft. This cleanser is enriched with sunflower seed oil to nourish and help skin maintain moisture, plus antioxidant-rich and skin brightening mandarin, which promotes a radiant, healthy-looking glow.

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Water Toning Mist

Formulated with a blend of pure jojoba leaf extract, jojoba milk, and hydrolysed jojoba esters, this toning mist offers a ton of benefits for your winter skin. It can extend skin hydration, fight wrinkles, and reduce pores. In fact, tests on this product have proven it can result in a 25% increase in skin hydration. It can also boost the overall firmness of the skin.

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The Ultimate Serum

This is one of the best products from The Jojoba Company to incorporate into your winter hydration and skincare routine. It is clinically proven to work better than retinol and vitamin C to boost collagen production. It is formulated with natural anti-glycation skin agents, which will inject hydration into your skin while keeping it firm and wrinkle-free.

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Ultimate Youth Potion

The visible results you’d expect from a serum, now in The Jojoba Company’s most loved facial oil.

It is infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential omegas that had been extracted from pure jojoba oil. It is also enriched with patented L22® formula that mimics the skin lipid profile of a 22-year-old’s skin. This formulation is designed to hydrate and firm up your skin. It is not just essential for winter hydration for your skin but also for protection against the harsh elements.

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Hydrating Day Cream

Top 5 Jojoba picks for Winter Hydration - My Hair Care & Beauty

Using silk amino acids and pomegranate, this moisturiser is clinically proven to visibly firm, nourish and restore the skin. It is an essential component to achieve winter hydration for your skin so it is less prone to becoming dull throughout the season. As a bonus, this formula has been proven to result in an over 97% increase in elastin production. This is vital to keep your skin youthful-looking since flexible skin is less likely to become wrinkled or result in fine lines

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What is your go-to product for winter hydration?

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