New Louvelle Products to Make Staying Home More Relaxing

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Lockdowns are never fun – but here at My Hair Care & Beauty, we’re all about making your stay-at-home experience more relaxing and worthwhile. We’re excited to announce that we have a few new arrivals from Louvelle that you’ll want to stock up on for those days when you need a little extra pampering and “me” time.

What's New with Louvelle - My Hair Care & Beauty

Introducing the Latest from Louvelle

Louvelle made its name in the beauty industry as the original and the best creators of chic shower turbans and hair wraps. In fact, it has been heralded by the top fashion and beauty magazines for its chic designs and fabulous styles. It’s no wonder why these beauties keep selling out!

Not only have we restocked your favourites from Louvelle, but we are also thrilled to bring you new (even more amazing!) prints and products to make your shower routine even better.

New Products from Louvelle

A major advantage to staying at home is that you have more time to pamper yourself and work on maintaining that youthful glow on your skin. Extra shower time? We’re down for that! Extra pampering? Yes, you deserve it.

Face Lovers

What's New with Louvelle - My Hair Care & Beauty

This makeup removal pad is one of the new products from Louvelle. It’s the best tool to wash the day away from your face! Face Lovers is your secret to a deep clean on your skin – fit for a queen!

This cleansing cushion only needs water to effectively remove makeup from your face. It is gentle enough that it will work for any skin type. You do not need any harsh chemicals to wash away makep or run the risk of stripping your skin of natural moisture. It is made with plush microfibre strands that effectively lift dirt from your face.

Since this makeup removal pad is washable, you can reuse it making it a more sustainable choice. It is also compact in size so you can easily pack it into your bag.

To use, simply saturate your face with water. Then, gently work this makeup removal pad onto your face. For heavy makeup, repeat the same process. You can also conveniently wash this pad with soap and water. Make sure you do this every 1-3 uses.

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Glow Glove

What's New with Louvelle - My Hair Care & Beauty

Just like Face Lovers, the Glow Glove is another must-have to your shower routine. Louvelle’s revolutionary product gives a clean slate for your body as it effectively removes tanning products and gives your skin mild exfoliation. Use it in the shower or during bath – it’s the secret to keeping your glow on!

To use, saturate your skin in the water or bath with water. After 5 minutes or so, buff away any impurities with the Glow Glove exfoliating mitt. Maintain a back and forth motion with this exfoliating glove until a peel develops. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal your skin’s natural glow!

The Glow Glove is made with premium naturla crepe fabric. It is an eco-friendly choice for body exfoliation.

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New Louvelle Products to Make Staying Home More Relaxing

Whether you’re day is filled with Zoom meetings or getting your dose of me-time, there’s no reason why you can’t make use of Louvelle’s new Seraphine Headband. Crafted from luxurious, silky soft, and stretchy fabric, it’s the modern woman’s go-to in terms of fashion and function.

Wear it on your head while you’re doing your favourite skincare ritual or trying to wing that eyeliner – or for any time that you can’t be bothered with these tiny hairs on your face. Since they come in chic prints like Tropical Leaves and Denim Leopard, you can look stylish, too!

It’s also an excellent accessory when you’re doing yoga or lounging poolside. Given how stylish these headbands are, you’ll want to find more reasons to wear them!

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Shower Turban/Cap

What's New with Louvelle - My Hair Care & Beauty

The Louvelle shower turban is an original and patented style that elevates your typical shower cap. It has evolved from a shower necessity to a piece of stylish luxury. This range of shower accessory is carefully crafted from soft and elastic premium fabric that has a waterproof lining.

Any woman knows that shower sessions can be disastrous for your locks, leaving it frizz and prone to tangles. If you need to freshen up or need to get your hair off your face for your mask treatments, this is the perfect accessory. The sleek paneled design and eye-catching prints do not compromise on style.

You can choose from a variety of fashion-forward and vibrant prints and designs. Pick the Louvelle shower turban that perfectly compliments your personal style. It’s no wonder why Oprah Winfrey loves them!

Our selection of shower caps from Louvelle is now available in a new exciting print: Pastel Geo.

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Which of these new items are you adding to your shower essentials?

Want to experience the luxurious and Hollywood-inspired range from Louvelle? Visit our website to learn more about the range or you can follow us on Instagram to learn more about the brand!


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