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Hello Ladies

To be honest, even I am shocked there is a new post up….and I feel really good about it too because it’s been so so long.
Rather than list a bunch of excuses I’ll just say life happens and a big thank you for all the love many of you have shown on Instagram which is more active than the blog has been of late.  I hope all has been well with you and your hair.

Jumping straight into this post, I wanted to share information and lessons about my favourite at home hair care gizmos. Frankly products are super important for preserving/maintaining the health of our hair but our tools matter too.  I’ve gone through soooo many tools over my years of hair care and the items listed in this post have made very positive impact on my hair journey.

In no particular order my faves are:


The Puff Cuff



This is one of my most recent purchases and I wish I bought it years ago.
Sometimes, especially when I have a lot of new growth, using a hair band to create my buns and up-does can be frustrating.  Trying to loop the band around my hair can get uncomfortable but making the bands really loose gives me a funny neither here nor there poofy bun.


The Puff Cuff was designed for thick hair and allows me to secure my hair well without unnecessary pulling and tugging and discomfort.  What I really really like about it is that it lets me create “pineapple” type hairstyles which stays in place all day.
What to look out for Unfortunately sometimes when I ‘am taking of the Puff Cuff  the clasps catch on my hair a little but so long as I remove it carefully, it usually does not result in breakage.




Imitation of the Crea Clip


I have been trimming my hair myself for several years and I am pretty sure I don’t do the best job but it’s certainly not terrible.
One of the tools that helps me achieve fairly decent results is this hair cutting/trimming tool. I trim my hair in approximately 12 sections and then I part my hair into two big sections combed forward so it hangs near my belly button.  I then use this tool to ensure each half is straight and do a final trim with this device holding my hair in place.  I like how the spirit level helps you ensure your line is straight and also how the grips of the clamp will keep your hair in place whilst you trim/cut.


The original design of this is called  Crea Clip and it costs over £60 on Amazon but I paid under £10 for this knock off version also from Amazon.  I purchased mine over 5 years ago but they are still available for purchase at good prices.  I do think getting a professional trim is better but not everyone has that option or frankly some ladies just prefer to do it themselves.


What to look out for. Ensure your hair is well detangled before using this or else your hair will be snagged by the little grips of the device.  Also I don’t completely lock the clasp of the device when I am using it so it does not drag my hair. I would recommend this for relaxed or texlaxed hair.  If your hair is virgin, you might need to have your hair blown out or flat irons before using this tool.




Hair Trimming Scissors


Following on from point number 2 is my Sanguine hair scissors/shears.  I have written about this in an earlier post which you can read by clicking here. I’ve had this for a number of years now and the blades are not as sharp as they used to be so I am due for a new pair.




Jack Dean Pompadour Streaker Comb


This is another recent-ish purchase and I LOVE this comb. At the beginning of the year, I realised I had lost all my good seam free wide tooth combs and tried to find new ones to purchase on good ol Amazon.  These caught my eye for 4 reasons

  • I noticed the ends/tips of the comb were blunt rather than sharp and pointy, I figured this would be a bit more gentle. I never feel as though it is tearing through my hair.  (please note that I use the comb gently and that my hair is finger detangled before I use it…. being rough will never end well no matter how fab the comb is)


  • I liked the wide spacing of the comb and although it isn’t classed as a seamless comb, they certainly never catch and break my hair.


  • It looked like it would be easy and comfortable to grip whilst being used…and it is.


  • Honestly, I thought they were cute and I ordered 4. I was sure they would work well and they were not too pricey so even if they turned out to be whack my soul would be okay.


  • Other great features about this carbon fibre comb is that it is anti-static, heat and chemical resistant and are surprisingly light weight.

What to look out for These combs are sturdy and extremely so.  I ‘am talking zero flexibility.  I have always had combs which had some “bend” and was used to how that felt when using them so initially it felt a bit weird using this.  The trick is to use this comb gently and slowly and you’ll be alright.



Wool and Boar Bristle Brushes


Let’s be frank, I am not known for having very smooth sleek edges but when the spirit moves me and I decide to go for a more “put together” look I turn to one of these three options.

  • The brush with the wool bristles (the one in the middle) is literally the softest hair brush I have ever felt. It is so soft that it is only effective within the first three weeks of me texlaxing my hair.  Once my new growth starts to come in I switch to my boar bristle brushes because this one will no longer smoothen my hair.  I purchased this brush from Amazon and it is a baby hair brush.
    What to look out for – when you wash it smells like a goat….I kid you not 😉 .


  • The small boar brush (the one at the right) was actually supposed to be a dry face brush but I repurposed it for my hair and it works rather well. It was purchased as part of a dry body brush set from Amazon.  It is firm without being too aggressive when used with reason.  Please note I do NOT recommend daily brushing of edges even with a soft brush it will take a toll.


  • The two sides bristle brush (item on the left) is by far my oldest hair care tool. I’ve owned this for at least 12 years…way before I began my hair journey.  It was given to me by my sister in law and by “give” I mean she left it at my house and as far as I am concerned, by doing so, ownership of it transferred to me.  She has also “given” me some shoes and several other items over the years. J I only ever use the softer side of this brush.  I wouldn’t even think of using the firm side on the hair of an enemy.



 Scalp Massager


This is an oldie but definitely a goodie I purchased in 2016.  I reviewed the massager in an earlier post which you can read by clicking here. I used it regularly for a while and then stopped…for no reason.   I really enjoy how great this feels especially after I have applied some tingling essential oils to my scalp and now I have begun using it again I really don’t know what I was thinking when I packed it away. I currently use this once or twice a week when I am doing a scalp massage.


I do have many other hair tools but I think the above is enough for one post.  I hope you’ve found something helpful in this post and I wonder if any of the items will make it to your shopping list.

What’s your favourite hair tool??








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