Friday Faves


Hello hello and happy Friday.

I had to go cold turkey. I had to cut myself off. I had to relocate to concentrate. Vacation is over, it’s time to get back to work.

Last week I told you that this summer was the first time in years I took an extended period of time off from work. Well, getting back into the swing of things hasn’t been so easy. Let’s garden! Let’s take the dogs for a walk! Let’s stop by HomeGoods to see what’s in stock that I can’t live without that I totally can! And let’s def watch way too many Instagram stories that are major time wasters.

That’s why I had to pull the rip chord and take myself out of my daily routine. So, I packed a few days of clothes, a bunch of my garden’s veggie offspring, and my stinky little chi-mix Pippa, and headed for the hills for a solo retreat, distraction-free, to focus and get down to business. I know how lucky I am to be able to take time to make me-time. It hasn’t always been this way. But now that I don’t have an office to be chained to, and Smudge is pretty much on her own time table, and my husb happily said he’d man the home front, I took full advantage.

This week’s getaway was a success. I planned, I plotted, and I made a lot of headway. I also relished in not having to think of anyone else’s mealtime tastes so it was all about solo meals with my garden tomatoes—like the one above on sourdough toast slathered with creamy ricotta, sprouts, lemony olive oil, and lettuce from my garden. Frigging divine.

And now, here we are. Ready, okay! Let’s do this! Starting with this week’s Friday Faves.

How to motivate yourself to do the boring things you know you need to do.

I v. much enjoyed this podcast conversation because it shows that she’s not only a beauty, but has big brains too.

I will definitely be watching this Netflix foodie documentary.


Binge watching this show thx to Tessa’s recs (I’m always inspired by her insta-feed.)

I blame it on being an Aquarius, but I’m always dishing out suggestions, even when not asked. 10 ways to deal with unsolicited advice. I’ll reverse engineer these tips, and take note.

Such a smart way to eat: Become a weekday vegetarian.

Don’t be afraid: Here’s why MSG is kind of awesome.

These grilled Brussels are winning at a whole new veg game.

This is what happens when you take one of my fave cheeses, spice it up with veg, and put it in a tortilla. Delish.


These veg forward tacos make it so you won’t even miss the meat.

Sausage and peppers make the best pasta combo. My husband’s fave.

I’m def more of a fan of my Grandma’s potato salad, so…cauliflower potato salad? Interesting.

If you love corn and you love BLTs you’ll love this salad.


These hot dogs have gone BLTA for grillin’ and chillin’.

This easy chicken dinner looks fricc-in friccasse-licious.

Meatballs + whipped feta = Mediterranean dreams do come true.

If you’re a granola bar baroness, here’s 12 versions for you.

Get more veg in your din with this curry stir-fry.

These cookies put the FUN in funfetti. They look like scoops of ice cream, don’t you think?

Oh how I love cous cous! Another reason I should live in Paris.

This pie is beyond basic. So pretty.


Not only would this slow cooker apple butter taste delish, imagine the smells!

It’s time to party again. Belly up to this sweet and savory Fall cheese board.

PSA: How to pit cherries without a cherry pitter.

A look inside celeb chef Alton Brown’s very cool and stylish loft with a wonderfully fresh but repurposed take on the kitchen.

Be more green: How to build a DIY compost bin.

The trick to cleaning between your oven’s glass doors.

This is why 80s design decor is back, and I gotta admit, I’m liking it.

30 fall hair trends to give a look at now.


I bought this comb for my daughter’s luscious locks and detangling has never been easier.

I love this brand so I bought their cleanser and I LOVE it. Totally creamy and moisturizing. Smudge agrees.

On the advice of my niece, I bought this for our bathroom, and potty time is cleaner than ever. 🙂

I need this: How to stop scrolling.


I can’t stop watching these new Insta-faves:

5 time saving hacks for your morning routine. Basic, but good to remember to get us all back on track.

And that’s where we are. Have a grand weekend peeps, and keep cookin’ good.

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